R&D Department

The R&D Department handles the development of new product concepts, manufacturing methods and carries out the required testing to verify the effectiveness and safety of these products. Medicofarma’s involvement in the implementation of successive R&D projects causes constant improvement in our offer of innovative pharmaceuticals,  meeting the requirements and expectations of both patients and our clients.


The operation of our R&D is
based on three main factors:



Getting hold of innovative solutions requires exploration of new areas of study and taking up new challenges. It wouldn’t be possible to develop our in-house R&D Department without numerous tests, trials and studies we’ve completed to this day. This hunger for scientific knowledge serves to bring about dynamic changes in the pharmaceutical industry and is the key to effectively fulfill the various needs of the patients.



All the works carried out by the R&D strive to improve the health of patients. We pay particular attention to identifying the patients’ needs and determining the benefits which might be provided by our product. We strive to improve the efficiency of existing formulations, and at the same time we look for answers to new therapeutic problems. We always maintain the strictest safety standard and ensure the quality of offered products.



Raising the bar for innovation is often associated with being willing to obtain knowledge from other sources, outside the area of our own organization. Being aware of the potential benefits of partnership, we are happy to take up partnership with external centers and institutions. The resulting joint projects allow us to quickly respond to new challenges in science and medicine.

What is the purpose of the
R&D Department at Medicofarma S.A.?

Medicofarma S.A is a contract manufacturer focusing on a regular and consistent implementation of innovative strategy. Growing teams involving experienced specialists and investing in modern technical facilities and equipment contributes to the continuous development of our R&D Department. As a result, we improve the efficiency of our activities to improve the health of patients.

R&D at Medicofarma S.A.:

  • Developing formulations for different scales of processing, from laboratory up to manufacturing
  • Modification of existing product formulations
  • Small scale manufacturing, upscaling the process to the customer’s requirements if required
  • Transfers of technology and analytical methods.
  • Development of analytical methods from the ground up
  • Examination of microbiological purity
  • Validation and revalidation of analytical methods
  • API identification using chromatography and spectrometry (FTIR) identification of impurities using mass spectrometry
  • Carrying out release tests and release profile examinations for solid form medicinal products
  • Examination of physical characteristics of tablets (hardness, dimensions, abrasion resistance, uniformity of mass)
  • Running stability testing in climate boxes
  • Sample storage
  • Release for circulation