The organizational culture of Medicofarma S.A is based on values and principles that we follow in our daily work. They guide us in regards to our in-house communications, contacts with our customers as well as the implementation of our key company goals. All the assumptions and values we look up to and observe permeate naturally into our day to day operations.They serve to improve the involvement of our staff in individual teams, allowing us to dynamically react to changes. Our organizational culture is the basis for the efficiency of Medicofarma S.A. operations and guarantees that each project is completed successfully.

Our organizational culture stands for:

Trust and responsibility

Each person involved in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is aware of the intended results and assumes full responsibility for their job. We use the most advanced machine park, drawing on the know-how of experts. We operate according to very strict quality standards, our results are verified after each stage of the manufacturing cycle together with the progress of current processes.

Transparent communication

Good communication is necessary for efficient delivery of projects. Each department and every employee has full knowledge of their job and competences. We facilitate the flow of information through effective communication between teams operating jointly on a project. The same approach is taken in our communications with customers: transparency is crucial to understand their needs and requirements.

Coordination and integration

The entirety of our organizational hierarchy is focused on achieving interconnected goals. We are open to innovation and flexible in our dealings with our customers; at the same time we maintain a good degree of stability and consistency in our actions. Each department has its own job, good work coordination leads to improved efficiency throughout the organization.

Work standardization

We observe the standards set for the entire organization and each individual post. This is necessary for timely project delivery as well as to ensure consistency and efficiency of individual departments. The guidelines which define the standards and templates used on each work post enable fluid operation of the entire company, improve efficiency and allow to quickly identify and eliminate any problems.

Globalization and development

We strive for continuous development which can be seen in the implementation of new technologies and expanding our manufacturing capabilities.Our partners include companies from all over the world, we aspire to become the leading manufacturer of medicinal products, medical devices and dietary supplements in Europe. All employees of Medicofarma S.A are aware of these long-term goals and continue implementing innovative solutions with flexibility and involvement.