In 2015, we began a Partnership with the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań, it is continued to this day. Through our shared projects, we were able to work out a lasting and multi-faceted partnership. Collaboration with academic and biotechnological institutions facilitates continuous growth of our R&D facilities.

Project of establishing the R&D Laboratory

The first joint project was the establishment of the Medicofarma S.A. Research and Development Laboratory. This project was implemented successfully and since 2019 we can use our very own, modern R&D facilities.

As part of the project described earlier, the PAS Institute of Epigenetics in Poznań carried out a series of studies on the following theme: “Epigenetics as a modern tool for studying the health benefits of dietary supplements and foods for special medical purposes”.


In 2019, the implementation of another joint project began: “Implementing the results of R&D works and starting the manufacturing of innovative dermo-cosmetics with the patented- 4-N-Furfuryl Cytosine molecule.” As part of this undertaking, Medicofarma S.A. purchased a patent license from the PAS Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry for the invention concerning the synthesis of 4-N-Furfuryl Cytosine (4NFC) and its application in an anti-aging formulation.

The obtained R&D results were used by Medicofarma S.A. to implement its own processes. Processing and extrapolation of results allowed us to make optimizations during the preparatory stage of manufacturing dermo-cosmetics containing the patented anti-aging composition with 4NFC.

The project began in 2019 and will be continued until at least the end of 2021.


As a result of a fruitful partnership with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the first Polish genetic test kit for detecting SARS-CoV-2 is introduced to the market. Scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in Poznań developed the MediPAN-2G+GAST COVID test which allows to detect the two specific genes of the coronavirus. Medicofarma S.A. took up the production of the pilot batch and moved to full scale production of the test kits. Intensive research efforts by scientists as well as the capabilities of our manufacturing facilities allowed introducing one of the fastest tests of this type into the market, with very high accuracy of the virus detection reaction.