Medicofarma S.A specializes in contract manufacturing. We manufacture OTC medicine, RX prescription medicine, dietary supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and fodder mixes for animals. Presently, we are among the leading manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in Poland. We observe the highest manufacturing standards at every stage of production as well as the standards provided in the GMP and HACCP. At the beginning of 2020, we received the ISO 13485 certification.



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What are the benefits of partnering
with Medicofarma S.A.?

Top service quality at competitive prices.

Quality is the common denominator for all our activities at Medicofarma S.A. We implemented a Quality Assurance System which guarantees meeting highest quality standards as well as all the requirements of the Chief  Pharmaceutical Inspector and Chief Sanitary Inspector.

Varied selection of services and assistance of experienced specialists.

We offer services that include examination, testing, laboratory analyses, product design and manufacturing. Furthermore, we put the knowledge and skills of our top specialists at our customer’s disposal. Their experience allows us to ensure top quality of manufactured products.

Comprehensive services.

We offer a versatile and comprehensive package of services. Starting with the determination of process technology and formulation, through manufacturing, to labeling. We provide reliable services at every stage of development of the ordered product. Furthermore, separate services such as examination of microbiological purity or modification of existing product composition are also available.

Newest manufacturing technology.

We are eager to use innovative equipment and solutions. Modern technologies support the manufacturing processes of pharmaceuticals, allowing to achieve higher product quality and better results.

Vast manufacturing possibilities.

The medications and dietary supplements can be manufactured in different dosage forms (from capsules to spray) and packaging types (blister packs, sachets). We also provide marking and labeling services for products provided by customers.

Technology transfer and R&D services.

We gather knowledge on the technology and processes, carry out research and implement the results in our manufacturing practices.

Access to microbiology laboratory.

We possess our own research and development laboratory enabling process and product innovation. The laboratory carried out works and studies enabling us to increase the level and scope of our services.

Ordering product batch sizes depending on capacity and customer’s requirements.

We accept both small and large scale serial manufacturing orders. We adapt the scale of the technological process, answering directly to the demands of our customers.

Prioritizing customer needs

We emphasize flexibility and involvement, this enables us to meet the varied demands of our customers. We provide the know-how and experience, but in the end, the individual goals and requirements of our customers are a priority.

Observing the safe manufacturing standards.

We observe the highest manufacturing standards at every stage of production. We observe the standards provided in the GMP and HACCP. At the beginning of 2020, we received the ISO 13485 certification.