Medicofarma S.A guarantees compliance with the highest manufacturing standards. Our systems were developed based on our own assumed parameters, information received from our customers and many years of experience in the contract manufacturing industry. We operate in a reliable and ethical manner, ensuring unfailing quality to our customers. At the same time, we strive to continuously improve our work on the operational level. We follow and dynamically react to all the changes in the applicable regulations governing the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medical products and dietary supplements. Regardless of the scope of work, we strive to operate reliably and ensure best partnership quality.

Highest manufacturing standards:

We operate according to the Quality Assurance System.

Our operations are based on the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and HACCP, we received certification according to ISO 13485 (for medical products) as well as ALFA certification for manufacturing products for animals. All the implemented standards and regulations contributed to the improvement of our manufacturing system.

We use innovative technology.

Our technical facilities are equipped with modern equipment for manufacturing various dosage forms of pharmaceuticals.We also possess our own R&D Laboratory with specialized analytical and measurement instrumentation. Modern infrastructure allows us to provide a comprehensive range of services and significantly improves their quality.

We possess a highly specialized team of research and manufacturing experts.

The success of each undertaken project rests on the knowledge, experience and involvement of our employees. Specialists and experts who comprise the Medicofarma S.A team allow us to fulfill the company mission statement – they seek for innovative pharmaceutical solutions and ensure the top quality of manufactured products.

We operate effectively and according to deadlines.

Many years of experience, modern tech park facilities together with our team of specialized staff allow us to maintain good work organization and deliver orders according to schedule. Regardless of the batch size and range of services required – each order is treated with the same degree of priority.

A partner’s approach.

Understanding the needs of our customer is key for good collaboration. Therefore, we offer a broad range of services and try to demonstrate high flexibility with each new project. The company culture and standards of operation at Medicofarma S.A. guarantee mutual success and satisfaction.