Medicofarma S.A. operates in a comprehensive manner. Our goal is to guarantee top quality services at every stage of partnership – from the development of formulation to the finished product. All Medicofarma S.A operations focus on the health and improvement of well being of patients.
Furthermore, we strive for our customers to receive the best product quality and value at an attractive price. We see this as our calling, realized through modern technology and the know-how of our expert staff.

The values of Medicofarma S.A:


In everything we do, the most important consideration is the well-being of patients, we are aware that our work and our decisions directly affect their health and quality of life. We take a meticulous approach to our projects, only employing safe solutions as dictated by the OHS.


We believe that quality is the supreme value determining the course of every manufacturing process. This applies to both small batches, and large-scale manufacturing effort. In order to guarantee best quality, we implemented a Quality Assurance system compliant with ISO, the GMP principles and HACCP.


Through the use of modern technologies and the will to implement innovative solutions in our daily work, we are able to meet the requirements of the constantly changing market. We emphasize the development of manufacturing technologies; therefore, we decided to establish a cutting edge research and development laboratory. These facilities enable us to develop new products for our partners and confirms that we are ready to take up new challenges – also beyond the scope of our standard operations.


We keep searching for new solutions and keep growing our selection of offered services. We keep a close look on the market to see the coming changes, new opportunities and its current needs. Our focus is on manufacturing OTC pharmaceuticals and supplements, but also on growing our competitive potential in the manufacturing niche products. We keep developing and working on new research for our customers.

Partnership and respect

We work with qualified experts whose knowledge and experience are complementary.

Sharing information within our organization is just as important as communication with our customers.

The basic grounds for all our operations are always the needs of people, we try to listen to them as carefully as possible. We see potential in each of our employees, we try to support them and treat their work with the respect they deserve. Our values directly shape our organization and guide us in developing our company strategy. At the same time, they are crucial for our everyday decisions regarding developing new pharmaceutical solutions and new manufacturing technologies.