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Medicofarma S.A.

We are a modern Polish manufacturing company in the pharmaceutical industry. Medicofarma was established in 2004 in Radom, in the Special Economic Zone “Wisłosan”. We specialize in contract manufacturing in dietary supplements, medicinal products and medical devices.

From the beginning of existence, we have been constantly gaining valuable experience in the health care sector, dynamically developing production technology, having a modern machine park constantly expanded with further devices offering the latest solutions at the global level in the field of pharmaceutical forms. Modern equipment enables us to research, develop and manufacture most of the available product forms. In the wake of the development of the machine park, we strengthen numerically and substantively specialized scientific, research and production personnel. We use all these activities to flexibly adapt to the ever-changing and growing needs of the pharmaceutical market.

We provide services for Polish and foreign companies.
Our clients include international corporations and key pharmaceutical companies in the Polish market.
We work with foreign companies including from countries such as:
– Germany
– Sweden
– Australia
– Spain
– Canada
– Italy
– Czech Republic
– United Kingdom
– Norway
– Ireland

Medicofarma R&D Laboratory

From the first quarter of 2019, we have the research and development laboratory. The research and development works carried out in it enable us to prepare technology for the production of innovative products and services as part of contract manufacturing. The creation of the R&D Laboratory took place as part of our project, which received funding from EU funds. The project concerned the creation of R&D infrastructure through investments in specialized equipment that enable the achievement of process and product innovation.

We equipped the premises of the laboratory with specialist equipment and apparatus, as well as modern machines and process equipment for conducting technological trials in the laboratory and semi-technical scale. The equipment also includes analytical and measuring equipment, thanks to which we have the possibility to perform a microbiological and interprocess testing package.

Conducting by qualified research and development personnel in our own R&D laboratory, in separate and adapted rooms for this type of activity, with the use of modern infrastructure, has allowed us to extend the range of services provided and raise their level.

It is also worth emphasizing that we cooperate permanently with scientific institutions in the field of R&D.


High production standards

At Medicofarma S.A. we care for the highest production standards – the implemented Quality Assurance System based on the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the requirements of the HACCP system according to Codex Alimentarius. The implemented systems are a guarantee of meeting the highest standards for products manufactured in our plant. We provide high quality at every stage of production, from design, research, production, storage and sale of products – remaining under the constant supervision of the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate and the Main Sanitary Inspectorate and meeting all restrictive requirements.

In addition, in mid-2019, we plan certification in the scope of ISO 13485 (for medical devices). At the same time, we plan to extend the GMP production and certification license to:
– manufacture and analytical testing of medicinal products intended for clinical trials,
– microbiological testing.

We also have an ALFA certificate that allows you to manufacture products for animals.




  1. We are a Polish pharmaceutical producer specializing in contract manufacturing.
  2. We perform research and development services and technology transfers for the client’s needs.
  3. Our latest microbiological laboratory, as well as highly specialized and experienced research, quality assurance and technology and production staff is at the disposal of every our client.
  4. The Customer’s product is always the most important for us.
  5. We provide services in the highest quality and competitive prices.
  6. We have a wide range of available and latest technologies.
  7. Flexibility and understanding of the client’s needs is our priority.
  8. We offer adjusting the size of the product series to the capabilities and expectations of the customer.

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